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Flying Away from IRMA

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How to get a 100% on your Pilot written exam

Gienne Van Engelen | Sep 06, 2017 | student tips

Brian is 18 years old and started his flight training at Wayman Aviation. He is currently finishing off his Private Pilot license and is enjoying his time here at the school. He is one of the few’who got a 100% on his PPL written exam. This author got an 88% for my PPL and really studied a lot for it. So how did Brian succeed in getting a 100%? Does he have tips & tricks? Or is he the son of an aviation god and he was born like this? I took the time to interview him to find out for you.

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Getting it Done: Succesfully Completing your Flight Training

The tools you need to be successful

We all know flight training is  a big commitment and investment. Naturally you want to knock everything out ASAP (As Soon As Possible)  to avoid getting a delay in your training, because any delay will ultimately cost you more money in housing etc. It is possible to get all your ratings in 7 to 10 months - which is really fast, trust me. The record at our school is in 5 1/2 months.Now, that’s just crazy, I know. In this article ’ll talk about getting all your ratings done in a fast, efficient and effective way. Maybe the one to break the 5 ½ month record at our school will be you..

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