Leslie Grainger

Leslie is a single-engine, multi-engine and instrument flight instructor. She has enjoyed flying in Florida for over two years and currently works as a First Officer out of Miami International, holding a SF34 type and flying cargo operations throughout the Caribean. She believes being a great pilot requires being the best of yourself and trains her students with the motto "Fly with discipline now, so you have it for later."
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What is your Pilot Study Style?

Leslie Grainger | Apr 06, 2016 | CFI

Study tips for new student pilots  

You have to learn a lot as a student pilot, - aerodynamics, weather, phraseology, regulations and airport operations, aircraft systems and procedures. Sounds like a lot to learn? It is. Every pilot has been a student at some point, and many great pilots never stop considering themselves students. If you're planning on becoming a professional pilot, you're going to have to learn to study and perform on flight tests throughout your career, so you ought to get into good pilot study habits now.

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Five Bad Habits to Avoid During Flight Training

Leslie Grainger | Mar 16, 2016 | CFI

Training to become a pilot is a journey that many students struggle with. Avoiding bad habits will help reduce the stress of becoming a pilot. You should always be striving to do the right thing and not make hasty or poor decisions. Here are five bad habits to avoid when training to become a pilot:

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Must Have Items for the New Student Pilot

Leslie Grainger | Dec 16, 2015 |

As student pilots, we've got some pretty cool gadgets we bring to work with us every day. Since we're guessing you haven’t brought a kneeboard, logbook, or plotter to any type of training with you before, we'll explain exactly just what the unfamiliar items are and list the must-haves to kickstart your training.

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CFI Advice for the New Private Pilot

Leslie Grainger | Sep 29, 2015 | Aviation

You have just received your first Orville and Wilbur Wright card in the mail and you couldn't be more on top of the world; unless you were actually flying. Certified flight instructors (CFIs) understand how thrilling it is to get your first private pilot license.

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8 Reasons to Join Flight Schools in Florida

With good flying weather year round and plenty of airports, it's no wonder South Florida has become a mecca for flight training in the US. Out of the many airports in south Florida, Wayman has made Opa Locka it’s home for nearly thirty years and recently opened a new base at adjacent airport, North Perry.

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