Don't Become a Pilot

There are already a lot of articles, blog posts, videos and different media pieces telling you to become a pilot, but this is not one of those. This is different. We all need to see things from a different perspective once in a while and that’s why we’ll see the reasons to not to become a pilot.

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How to Prepare for a Scenario Based Oral Exam

Wayman Eduardo | Aug 03, 2016 | CFI

New Airman Certification Standards

The new Airman Certification Standards (ACS) were developed by the FAA to provide a more integrated and systematic approach to testing. Most students and instructors think “Oh no! The test is changing!” But, what does this mean to the student? What we are actually seeing is that the examiners are moving from rote questions to scenarios that students have to think through.

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4 Steps to Enroll in a Flight School in Florida

Wayman Eduardo | Jul 20, 2016 | Flight Training

You’ve made the decision. Flying is in your future. Parents have been convinced, funding has been secured, and your are ready to crank that engine. The first thing in the road to becoming a pilot once you’ve chosen a school to go, is the enrollment process to be part of that program. These steps may not seem clear at the beginning, but here you’ll find them summarized in 4 quick steps that will help you going through the process.

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How to know if the Flight School I'm Interested in is Trustworthy?

When seeking to become a commercial pilot, one should first consider which flight school they wish to attend. Aviation is a huge industry, but a tiny community. Reputation is everything. There are certain flight schools with bad reputations and many students worry about finding a trustworthy flight school. This at times can seem challenging but using certain resources we will make this process a bit smoother and will have you confidently flying in no time!

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3 Tips to Help You Lower you Private Pilot License Cost

If you are reading this article you might be considering to become a private pilot. Before going into details let me explain you why I decided to become a private pilot. I’ve always had a passion for aircrafts and at some point in my life I wanted to become an airforce pilot but that never happened! So I’ve always had the idea of flying as a private pilot. At the beginning, I thought flying was an expensive and difficult thing to accomplish but I realized that it was not impossible! I started flying at the age of 30 because I didn't want to leave this hobby for my retirement days and now I’m proud to say that I finished my private pilot license in 42 hours when the average private pilot license in the US is obtained in 70 hours. The following are the 3 practices I put in place to get my private pilot license in less time.

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Must Watch: TV Series for Pilot Students

Wayman Eduardo | May 18, 2016 | student tips

We have all wondered what it's like to be a Pilot. Of course we will only have that certainty when we become one. However, we got curious and started watching some TV Series to actually hear from experienced Pilots about adventures throughout their careers. We have a few recommendations for you to watch and to learn a little bit of what it's like to be a Pilot.

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What is your Pilot Study Style?

Leslie Grainger | Apr 06, 2016 | CFI

Study tips for new student pilots  

You have to learn a lot as a student pilot, - aerodynamics, weather, phraseology, regulations and airport operations, aircraft systems and procedures. Sounds like a lot to learn? It is. Every pilot has been a student at some point, and many great pilots never stop considering themselves students. If you're planning on becoming a professional pilot, you're going to have to learn to study and perform on flight tests throughout your career, so you ought to get into good pilot study habits now.

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Five Bad Habits to Avoid During Flight Training

Leslie Grainger | Mar 16, 2016 | CFI

Training to become a pilot is a journey that many students struggle with. Avoiding bad habits will help reduce the stress of becoming a pilot. You should always be striving to do the right thing and not make hasty or poor decisions. Here are five bad habits to avoid when training to become a pilot:

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Can I Use My Foreign Private Pilot License in the US?

Wayman Eduardo | Feb 17, 2016 | Pilot License

If you are already a pilot in your country you may be asking yourself if you can use your pilot license in the US. The answer to this question is in short; yes. However, the US civil aviation authority, known as the FAA will only grant you a Private Pilot license based on your foreign certificate. Even if you are an ATP with thousands of hours, you will need to take certain steps in order to have your private license transferred and valid in the US. The process is called convalidation and the following steps are what you will need in order to complete convalidation.

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5 Benefits to Become a Commercial Pilot in Miami

1) Excellent Schools

You’ll find no shortage of excellent flight schools in the Miami area. 22 Schools and 5 University programs by our last count. There are always several flight schools located at the 5 GA airports so you are not limited to only one choice. 

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