Job Guaranteed EASA Blue Air Program

Wayman Eduardo | Mar 23, 2018 | Airline

Blue Air and ATPLcenter join Wayman Aviation Academy in offering a world class EASA Job Guaranteed solution for pilots interested in flying thorugh Europe. The program is 100% job guaranteed, students start flying in Europe within 14 to 18 months.

Earn your Private Pilot (PPL), Instrument Rating (IR), and time building to 200 hours with Wayman in South Florida. After PPL cadets begin online EASA theory studies to master the 14 subject tests. Commercial Single and Multi-engine add-ons are earned in Romania. Then students recieved line and type ratings to begin flying Blue Air's fleet of 737 aircraft throughout Europe.

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Where to Eat at North Perry

Gienne Van Engelen | Mar 15, 2018 |

Flying makes me hungry. Well, to be honest. Flying makes pilots hungry. Naturally you want to eat good food after your flight! This article is for our future and current students that need some help knowing where to get some lunch or dinner.

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Start Your Flying Career In a 737 In Europe

We have a unique FAA/EASA program that students can start participating with. In this intensive 16 month course you’ll go from zero-hours to the cockpit of a 737 in Europe. Start your career with one of the fastest growing airlines in Romania; BlueAir. Don’t know what an EASA license is? Read this article to get an overview.

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Best Of Instagram: Looking Back at February 2018

February is the shortest month of the year, it literally flew by! Even though it is quick we have a lot of stuff to look back at. So, let’s take a look at the best posts of this month and; the stories behind them.

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Is Your Commercial Pilot Training Easy?

Don't Underestimate It

I didn’t pass my commercial checkride the first time. If you didn’t read about it, here is the link. Well, I did pass the second time which feels great! In this blog I’ll talk about how there seem to be a couple of misconceptions about obtaining, or rather ‘earning’, your commercial license.

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Our Waypoints: Fearless feedback

Gienne Van Engelen | Feb 07, 2018 | Airline

Fearless feedback is something you can use everyday. In the artworld there is something called a ‘critique’. You hang all your pieces up in an area and everybody can give ‘critique’. The important thing is to give constructive criticism though. But, how do we apply this during flight training? How do we want our instructors to give feedback to our students? Be sure to check out this behind the scenes video of an important lesson our vice-president Wayman Eddy Luy has to say to our instructors.

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Best of Instagram: January 2018

And just like that, the first month of 2018 flew by. We had a great start of the new year, let’s take a look back at the past few weeks and see what the highlights were. We sure can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring us too!

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Pilot Jobs, How to Reach 1500 Hours

Not a lot of #aviators think about the fact that there are many different ways to get to 1,500 hours. In this article we’ll try to make it as easy as possible for you to decide on which path to take. Because there is a road and a way for everybody. Notably this article is written for #aviators that want to get to the airlines, and need the 1,500 hours for ATP.

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Miami VFR Chart

Interessting Things on the VFR Sectional Chart

Knowing how to read your chart is an essential part of your pilot training. Here at North Perry Airport and theOpa Locka base there are some interesting things on the chart. Since Miami International Airport is just a few miles away it’s really important for all our students to know what everything on the chart means. There are a lot of articles and blogs about the different types of charts and airspaces. If you want to specifically learn about those please refer to your aviation books or great sites like or In this article we will focus on the Miami area and take a deeper look at the surrounding area. We’ll discuss some things you don’t see a lot on sectional charts and what they are. Let’s have a look.

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Our Waypoints: Innovation

Gienne Van Engelen | Jan 10, 2018 | Aviation, Airline

Innovation has a different context for different people but for us it means; “Constantly improving and refining towards perfection.”

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