Republic Airlines Partner

Wayman Eduardo | Nov 01, 2017 | Airline, CFI

Wayman Aviation Academy is proud to annouce a new partnership with Republic Airline. The new arrangement allows Flight Instructors (CFI) working with Wayman to interview early with Republic and secure a position with the regional airline. Once the CFIs reach the ATP minimum they can join the next available class at Republic without further interviews. This particularly attractive for students in the Miami area since Republic holds a base at Miami International Airport (MIA) to support its partner American Airlines.

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The Power to Start Flying

Going after the things you want

Did you ever wanted to become a pilot? But the time wasn’t right, there wasn’t enough funding, or you couldn’t find the right school. Now you have decided to start flying. That’s great, you just took the first step in realizing one of your dreams. Because, one of the hardest things to do is to just ‘start’. It sounds really simple, but it has major effects. Every great adventure starts with the first step.

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Silver Airways & Wayman Partner for New Pilots

Wayman Eduardo | Jan 19, 2016 | Aviation, Airline, CFI, jobs

Wayman Flight Training has partnered with Ft Lauderdale based Silver Aiways to provide guaranteed interviews for students, alumni, and flight instructors.

A career in aviation requires passion. This determination helps local South Florida students succeed though the demanding process of learning how to fly with the goal of reaching the airlines. Wayman Flight Training has entered into a partnership with Silver Airways to help bridge the gap between learning to fly and becoming a professional pilot.

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