Spin Training: It Might Save Your Life

I’m almost a CFI, the road has been long, tedious, tougher then I could have ever imagined, with many highs and many lows and it’s been a lot of fun too! It feels great to almost reach one of my goals. Now that I’m waiting on my CFI checkride I can look back at my training and at the highlights; which brings me to my spin training with Chris Kirk. I learned a lot, had a blast and feel like a safer, more competent pilot. Here’s why.

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CFI Bootcamp: Is It Worth It?

Gienne Van Engelen | May 10, 2018 | CFI

My Experience with the Cali-boys

At last, I am almost a flight instructor. It took me way more studying, time, knowledge and focus then I could have imagined in the beginning. Don’t underestimate the amount of work, studying, motivation and discipline you have to have to get this done. To make the transition from learning to the actual checkride smoother my school got in touch with California’s very own CFI Bootcamp. It’s 7 days of lectures followed by 7 days of flying to get you ready for one of the hardest checkrides in aviation. This is my experience with their program.

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Never a Failure, Always a Lesson

What If You Don't Pass Your Checkride?

The golden seal, every aspiring airline pilots wants to have it, just like me. Never a ‘failed’ checkride, smooth flying all the way to your commercial license, and hopefully there after. I almost achieved this; the ‘golden seal’ of pilot training, until I didn’t pass the oral for my commercial license. In this blog I’ll talk about how to cope with not passing your checkride, because for us pilots if something like that happens, it hurts. We’ll digest what went wrong so it doesn’t have to happen to you. Even Though my examiner said “I also failed my commercial checkride the first time, it still haunts me to this day.” Well, thanks Mr. Examiner. I feel great now!

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Republic Airlines Partner

Wayman Eduardo | Nov 01, 2017 | Airline, CFI

Wayman Aviation Academy is proud to annouce a new partnership with Republic Airline. The new arrangement allows Flight Instructors (CFI) working with Wayman to interview early with Republic and secure a position with the regional airline. Once the CFIs reach the ATP minimum they can join the next available class at Republic without further interviews. This particularly attractive for students in the Miami area since Republic holds a base at Miami International Airport (MIA) to support its partner American Airlines.

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What Do Instructors Like to See in Students?

Tips & tricks every student pilot should know about

Before I started my flight training I didn’t have a clue what to expect. Let alone know how I was going to learn to fly with my instructor. I thought it would be a great idea to interview some instructors here at Wayman so I took some of my time to sit down with Jenny, Merrick and Daria. We sat down in one of our classrooms at North Perry. All three of them just returned from a flight with their students and definitely know the ins-&-outs of instructing. Read these tips, learn these tricks, apply and thrive in your flight training.

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Pass Your Checkride Every Time

Wayman Eduardo | Feb 08, 2017 | CFI

Come in a little closer. I’ll tell you a secret to make sure you pass your checkride every time. Just remember this little mantra: “You don’t win a fight, on fight night.”

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Practice Makes Permanent and Sometimes Perfect

Wayman Eduardo | Dec 21, 2016 | CFI

Practicing is required for any disciplined person to achieve their objective. Maybe you’re looking to become a greater musician, or you want to win a swimming tournament. Or, as in your case, you want to become a professional pilot. But why do we need to have this discipline? Because you need to acquire new habits and make time for your practice if you really want to make your objectives effective.

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The Next Step: Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor

Wayman Eduardo | Sep 14, 2016 | CFI

You’ve finished your commercial license and think to yourself “Now What?”. This question comes across the minds of many student pilots. For those wanting to go after a professional pilot career, you may want to consider becoming a certified flight instructor. If your aim is the airlines you must reach 1,500 hours of flight experience.

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How to Prepare for a Scenario Based Oral Exam

Wayman Eduardo | Aug 03, 2016 | CFI

New Airman Certification Standards

The new Airman Certification Standards (ACS) were developed by the FAA to provide a more integrated and systematic approach to testing. Most students and instructors think “Oh no! The test is changing!” But, what does this mean to the student? What we are actually seeing is that the examiners are moving from rote questions to scenarios that students have to think through.

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What is your Pilot Study Style?

Leslie Grainger | Apr 06, 2016 | CFI

Study tips for new student pilots  

You have to learn a lot as a student pilot, - aerodynamics, weather, phraseology, regulations and airport operations, aircraft systems and procedures. Sounds like a lot to learn? It is. Every pilot has been a student at some point, and many great pilots never stop considering themselves students. If you're planning on becoming a professional pilot, you're going to have to learn to study and perform on flight tests throughout your career, so you ought to get into good pilot study habits now.

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