How Flight Simulator is Changing Pilot Training

The Benefits of the new Wayman Aviation Redbird Program

At Wayman Aviation we have 2 Redbird simulators and a Frasca G1000 Mentor which are constantly on with students in training. It is used to go through maneuvers for their private pilot certificate, learning procedures for instrument training, getting familiar with the G1000 or multi-engine flows. Our Redbirds do it all. When we heard that Redbird was going to be making a big announcement at their annual Redbird Migration conference we knew we had to go to see how we could implement the new software and training methods for our current and future students. Because that’s what we are all about; changing lives through aviation. And getting you to your aviation goals fast, efficiently and effectively. Our chief Instructor Frank went to the conference, this is what he has to say about it;

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